Data Point Prague 2024
May 30th & 31st

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Pre-conference sessions & speakers

Choose from two pre-conference all-day expert sessions, led by world-class experts in DAX or Microsoft Fabric.
Alberto Ferrari
Alberto Ferrari
Founder of, Microsoft MVP

Improve Power BI performance by optimizing DAX

When you create a Power BI report, you might hit some performance issues when you have a large amount of data, complex data models, or complex DAX expression in your measures.


The first goal of this tutorial is to discover possible bottlenecks analyzing the execution of DAX calculations using tools such as DAX Studio and VertiPaq Analyzer. You see how to capture and read essential information from a DAX query plan. With this knowledge, the next step is to evaluate different strategies to improve query performance.


During this training, you learn the most common patterns that could have performance issues and possible workarounds to solve them. The training is delivered as a seminar, and the content is very dense. You can try the same techniques on your notebook during the course, but you should consider getting notes during the seminar and practice later.


The goal is to optimize the report execution and not the refresh time. Thus, this training only considers the performance of DAX expressions and does not cover refresh operation performance related to M code in Query Editor. The examples are in Power BI, but you can also apply the concept of this training to Power Pivot, Analysis Services Tabular, and Azure Analysis Services.


See the “DAX pre-con + conference” package for a two-day experience

Pawel Potasinski
Pawel Potasinski
Sr Program Manager at Microsoft

Microsoft Fabric in a Day with Fabric CAT team

Microsoft Fabric is a new all-in-one analytics platform that covers everything from data movement to data science, real-time analytics, business intelligence and beyond.


Microsoft Fabric Customer Advisory Team (Fabric CAT) has been involved in helping customers get the most value from Fabric since the product was in private preview. Join this workshop presented to you by members of Fabric CAT to learn how you can build your own end-to-end solutions for analytics using Fabric.


Gain hands-on experience as we will guide you through different experiences of Fabric – from Data Factory, through Data Engineering and Power BI, to Data Activator.

During this workshop you will learn how to establish data integration capabilities including pipelines and dataflows to land data in your lakehouse, how to transform your data using notebooks and Spark, how to organize, secure, and prepare all your data for serving it from OneLake, how to take advantage of the brand-new Direct Lake mode in Power BI and more.


See the “Fabric pre-con + conference” package for a two-day experience

Main conference sessions & speakers

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Vyskočilova 1561/4a
140 00 Praha 4

The Event takes place in Microsoft Offices at Brumlovka building complex.

Za Brumlovkou
140 00 Praha 4

Parking is available at the BB Centrum Brumlovka.

BUS Station

You can take a bus 118, 124, 170 or 193 to get here.

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